Truths on a Sunday

We had our 1st of 3 Thanksgiving gatherings yesterday and I have some truths to share.

Truth #1- My beautiful heathens refused to sleep, this was a 1:30 Thanksgiving lunch and they needed the naps. No nap meant cranky, refusing toddlers by our 1:15 leave time.

Truth #2- I’d been mad at my husband over some petty stuff for the better part of the morning. When he came inside to get ready at 1, my petty anger erupted.

Truth #3- I burnt the food I had planned to take to Thanksgiving lunch. This happened because I was too busy hashing it out with Justin instead of watching my food.

Truth #4- I HATE being late. When we hadn't left the house at 1:30 for the 1:30 lunch I felt so defeated. Quite frankly at this point I was not thankful or looking forward to this lunch.

Truth #5- We arrived 15 minutes late, with no food to share and all in less than great moods.

Truth #6- Nothing of the past few hours mattered once we were there. We ate delicious food, talked, laughed and played dominoes (my personal favorite). It was a perfect Thanksgiving lunch!

Thoughts behind my truths, try not to let the little things, the stress get you down this holiday season. Those things don’t matter. It‘s all about spending time with the people you love and that love you. It’s about being thankful guys.

Thankful on a Sunday,


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