Time flies in 2019!

Guys, the year ended and I think I’m already “behind” for 2019. I have only made it to the gym once, my house is still in holiday tornado, and I haven’t written to all of you!

But you know what I have done? Traveled, loved and laughed! I think my New Years Resolution is to see the moment I’m in for what it is. This means I’m going to try not to be thinking of what I “should be doing” and focus on what I am doing and who I’m with. This also means putting my phone down and enjoying blackout hours.

Now lets not get crazy, I’m rocking all the other resolutions too...I couldn’t choose just one lol

I’m going to share my resolutions since these should be what I blog about this year, get ready :)

-Be in the moment. Cherish my family and friends, I’m surrounded by so many awesome people!

-Figure out my interstitial cystitis issue

-Workout and create a healthier me

-Travel to new places and visit favorite places

I hope reading about those topics makes you all as excited as I am to write and live them!

2019 is my year, our year! Let’s do this!



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