I Don't Know What to Call It but It's Good

Good morning, y'all! This is Fifty. I've been a little MIA lately and I want to apologize for that. Life, and all that entails...you know. Anyway, I've missed our sharing time, so here goes.

The last few years I've started a little tradition with family and some friends of "corporate decorating". (That's what I'm calling it, if you have a better name, holler!) We get together and decorate our homes in a group. It was born out of necessity after surgeries, illnesses and work schedules. It grew into something special and fun.

You get new ideas and you spend time together - loving and helping each other, laughing and reminiscing. Not to mention, it's loads faster, like when the lawn crew comes and does your yard. (Lah! Those guys are done and gone before I can get the mower gassed up and put my gloves on.) John Heywood said, "Many hands do light work." It's so very true.

Time is such a finite resource. It becomes more apparent to me every day that time is the ultimate gift. We all have so little of it. So, pick up something at the taqueria. Have one friend grab some drinks. Let another friend stop by the bakery and get to getting. Give the gift of yourself this year. It's truly the best present of all!

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