Give a Little Bit

If you started singing this title, you are my people. Happy Sunday, y'all! This is Denise, the 50 half. Supertramp sang about this idea a few years back and I'd like to talk about it today.

I had been thinking about how often I think of someone but never follow through with contacting them. People that I care about so much but rarely take the time to acknowledge. At the same time, I was seeing study after study stating that we, as a species, are feeling more isolated and more lonely than ever. Depression, suicide, desperation; it's all over the news and social media.

That's when this little notion occurred to me. Everyday I would reach out to someone, one person. I would call, text or snail mail someone every day. If I did this, every month, 30 people would know I cared about them. I love lots of people so I could never be done with this project. I got excited!

Then the laws of compound interest flashed through my mind. What if I could get several friends to do it with me? What if they got several friends to do it? And so on, and so on, and so on. (If the shampoo commercial just played in your head, "I love you, man.") This could brighten the day of so many people! I got super excited!

So, I started on October 1st contacting someone everyday. I've written the persons name in my journal to be sure I stay current. Some of y'all may have recieved cards, calls or messages already, lots more will be coming.

So, "I'll give a little bit of my love to you" every day and we all know what we send out we receive back threefold. Who else is in?

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