Extension Love.

Hi Guys! This is 30. And a week ago my life changed...I got hair extensions!!

They are beyond better than I ever thought they’d be. Anyone that has seen me in the past 7 days knows I’m obsessed, I won’t stop touching or talking about them.

This is a picture of my hair before. I had already been to Shadoh for my FREE extension consultation. At that appointment we matched my hair color, decided how many bags of hair I needed and discussed the extensions process.

The process was so easy. I arrived, she washed and styled my real hair then started the process of placing my extensions. I got tape-in extensions, this is where your hair is taped between two pieces of hair. So natural and light, I forget they’re there.

Tada! So perfect!! After my tape-ins were installed we curled my whole head and bam! done. 2 hours for the whole process...2 hours!

After having them for a week I can honestly say I’m hooked! I’m not sure I ever want to know life without them again LOL

Salon Information:

Shadoh Lassetter

Three Bears Headquarters In Waxahachie, TX

IG: shadoh_lassetter

Text: (214) 354-1391

I’ll post again soon on care and styling. I’m still learning 😂

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