Broom Hair and On Air

Good morning! First, let me thank all y’all that we're able to hang out with us yesterday. We had so much fun! I hope it helped lighten some moods and brighten some hearts. Cheryl, Colleen, and Teresa are just dolls and so dang talented. I was in high cotton yesterday!

I needed a little happy myself after having to go to the dentist this week. Yikes! I was shocked to find how many of us are horrified to have dental work done. Shout out to Dr. Carol Wald, who was so kind and easy with me. I’m sure her happy gas helped too, but, whatever works! So when I filmed this week I was a little pale from the stress and three hours in the chair.

Thank y’all for being so patient about Broom Hair. I couldn’t get the blog to cooperate with me last night. Tech and I are not easy friends! I hope when y’all stitch her, you will change her hair up however you want and have some fun with her. She was sketched up out of love for this community of super sweet souls and my gratefulness for y’all. If you stitch her up, please use the hashtag #nlbroomhair so we can all watch her come to life! So until next time, enjoy your stitching!

Download my Witchy Beauty here:

Broom Hair Don_t Care.jpg
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